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Steps to connect your Etsy shop with Printy6

1. login to your printy6 account

Login to your Printy6 account, go to the “Integrations”, you will see the “Add” button on the page, just click this button you will see a lot of platform you can connect.

2. Find the Etsy platform and click "Add" button

A window will pop up after you have click the “Add” button, you can even add multiple Etsy shops, you can also add your Etsy and other E-commerce account to your Printy6 account at same time.

3. Grant access to your Etsy shop

After the authorization window popped up, login to your Etsy account and click the Allow Access button, once you have done, your Etsy shop will shows on the “Integrations” page. Go to “Products” to publish your products to your Etsy Shop or create products from the start.

A lot of products you can create and sell for your Etsy shop

Reasons that choose Etsy

Niche Markets

Ecommerce benefits from niche marketing. Large general stores can’t cater to small special interests — there’s not enough demand on those products to make up the costs. But with ecommerce, especially Etsy, retailers can serve greater geographical regions. That means more of those special-interest customers, and enough demand to turn a healthy profit.


Etsy utilizes Google ranking so you’ll have better search engine optimization (SEO). if you open on online store, and someone tries to find it on the internet, it’s far more likely to pop up in a search as an Etsy store than if you have an independent website. Etsy also offers promotion opportunities for a small fee if you want to boost business and exposure.


Chances are whatever you’re selling you enjoy making anyway, so you might as well earn some money crafting. The amount of time you devote to running your store will really affect the success of your shop, sort of a what you put in determines what you get out scenario. You can totally throw a few items online and wait for orders to trickle in.

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